Imagination. Meets Action.

Our Areas.

We use the power of our imagination and our advocacy to help claimants recover the loss or damage they have suffered from anticompetitive conduct, from unlawful conduct by issuers of securities in the public capital markets and from other types of corporate misconduct. We have also established a notable reputation for advising on a wide range of corporate and other transactions in a variety of commercial contexts.

Imagination. Meets Action. This is how we help you.

What We Do.


We know competition law. Inside and out.

We specialise in claimant-side competition disputes. Our practice is headed by a lawyer who was previously responsible for the competition litigation of a G-7 country. We are the only firm we know of with this expertise. Anywhere.

This expertise allows us to bring to private disputes involving damages from anticompetitive conduct the same insights that government agencies bring to prevent such conduct. Our insights are enhanced by our expertise with the antitrust and competition laws of the United States and the EU/UK. And because we also understand the complex economic analysis that underpins competition law, our lawyers have the knowledge and imagination to prosecute groundbreaking competition disputes involving novel forms of business conduct. These disputes include the largest price-fixing cases in Canadian history and massive competition disputes under EU/UK law.



We were there at the beginning.

We certified and settled the first class action in Canada on behalf of people who suffered losses from buying securities from the issuer in breach of the Ontario Securities Act. We certified and settled the first class action in Canada on behalf of people who suffered losses from buying securities on the secondary market. We certified and settled the first class action on behalf of people who suffered losses from buying securities from the highly regulated and novel cannabis sector. We have acted on most of the major Securities Act class actions in Canada, including those that involve obtaining damages from insolvent issuers under Canada’s bankruptcy and insolvency laws and those involving cross-border conduct.

Our lawyers have the understanding and imagination to prosecute cases involving any type of financial loss caused by corporations that do not provide complete and truthful information about their business and affairs to the capital markets.


Corporate Misconduct

We have seen it all.

From directors who self-deal, to companies that supply shoddy products to consumers, to majority shareholders who abuse their power, to insolvent corporations that try to stick the taxpayers with their regulatory obligations, to charitable corporations that try to avoid the consequences of their misconduct, to corporations that mis-sell financial products, we have seen it all. And we have litigated it all before. We have some of the most consequential and high-profile cases in Canada under our belts. To win these cases we have sometimes had to change the legal landscape, including at the Supreme Court of Canada.

Our lawyers have the experience and imagination to prosecute the most challenging cases involving laws regulating corporate behaviour.



We’re the people you need by your side.

We advise on transactions for entrepreneurs and SMEs. These transactions run the gamut from acquisitions to tax. They include agreements between shareholders, corporate reorganisations of both solvent and insolvent corporations, and estate and employment matters.

Our lawyers combine a pragmatic and practical approach with imagination and are committed to achieving nothing but the very best for our clients on every single transaction.

Curious Minds.

You’ll be surprised at how often a successful outcome depends on curious lawyers. Curiosity is powerful. Curious lawyers ask the right questions and are never content with the status quo. Our lawyers are curious, and this coupled with a superior knowledge of the law and vast experience, means they get the right answers and push boundaries – time and time again.